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1. What are the benefits over traditional auto body repair? It is a “Green” alternative. No paints, solvents or sanding is used. You save your factory finish which is the best finish your car will ever have.

2. How long does it take? Repairs can often be completed in a day or less. For claims that take longer than a day to repair, a rental vehicle may be supplied.

3. Do you repair anything other than automobiles? Typically no, as our expertise and methods are specific to automobiles and the type of metal used on cars.

4. Can you repair large collision damage? Depending on the size and shape, perhaps but if the paint is cracked then our method would not be the best as we do not do painting.

5. Can you repair hail damage? Most definitely as this is one of our specialties. We are fully accredited by Autopac and in fact Autopac now recommends this method of repair in the case of hail damage.

6. I just have a door ding. Can you repair this for less than my insurance deductable? Absolutely, We usually charge less than $100.00 for a minor door ding or small dent

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